Slice of SciFi #39: Interview with Carter Jenkins (“Surface”)

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News Bytes:

  • William Shatner launches a SciFi DVD Club
  • “Futurama” might be coming back to TV

Report: A review of the Christmas episode of “Doctor Who” from the crew of The Signal

SciFi Trivia: Doug Kress sends us 3 more trivia clips, and we did better this time around.

TV Talk:

  • Adam Brody teams with Doug Liman to develop a new series for NBC, centering on a special LAPD unit that hunts down vampires.
  • Michael and Evo gush over the new “Battlestar Galactica”

Interview: This week, we talk to Carter Jenkins, who portrays Miles on NBC’s “Surface”. He tells us what he can, and teases more.

Movie Talk: White Noise 2 has not been cast, but the premise has been hashed out. The production crew will be the same as for the first, but no speculations on a lead yet.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up? Sin City becoming a franchise? Frank Miller says that the upcoming script for Sin City 2 is just the next in a line of potentially 5 total films.

Listener comments: We’ve got plenty of voicemail from fans to go through!

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  1. TallGrrl says

    Futurama coming back? Yay!! To Fox? Ewww.
    By the way, Katey Sagal (sp?) doesn’t just sing. She sings her ass off.
    She was one of Bette Midler’s Harlettes.
    I got to go to a concert she did at the Troubador a few years ago and I was absolutely blown away.

  2. says

    White Noise wasn’t that bad. It had some creepy moments. But the problem with most horror/monster movies is either the lame ending, or everything after the monster is shown; and White Noise is a bit weak in the 3 act.

  3. says

    No offense intended, but the audio mixing for that bit from The Signal for the Dr. Who review was HORRIBLE!!! I can’t believe you guys let that through.

  4. Mark in Memphis says

    Please get a Gizmo in addition to Skype. I don’t like Skype becauses it uses your computer to help route calls. They don’t tell you, but from what I understand from other tech podcasts, it does.

  5. mathew Cucuzella says

    FYI, the cut/paste of your email looks like:

    Probably URL encoded.

    Also, I can’t figure why you guys are so down on Invasion. It was slow just like Surface, but recently Merial (sp?) has just found out she is an alien, and many others characters also are starting to understand what the “orange lights” are. Just my opinion, of course.


  6. Brian from Winnipeg says

    Crap – the DVD club is only for you Americans :o(
    I so would have signed up, eh!

  7. Michael R. Mennenga says

    We needed a Dr. Who segment… It fit the bill. The information was good, even if the audio was a bit trashed.

    Our regular Dr. Who guy is back this week.