Slice of SciFi #38: News and Movies

News Bytes:

  • Joss Whedon corrects the current crop of Serenity rumors
  • Samuel L. Jackson honored for commitment to education with Dreamkeeper Award

SciFi Trivia: Doug Kress sends us 3 more trivia clips submitted by Doug Kress, and there was stumping going on.

Movie Talk:

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children sequel on tap as a CG film
  • Alan Lee wants to do the artwork for The Hobbit

TV Talk: Another War: C. Thomas Howell and Jake Busey are starring in yet another remake of War of the Worlds, coming to SciFi Channel on Jan 14 2006.

Interview: This week’s interview… well, technical issues caused our interview with Carter Jenkins of NBC’s “Surface” to not materialize. We’re working on a reschedule.

Listener comments: We’ve got plenty of voicemail from fans to go through!

What’s Coming Up?: Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) is set to trifecta (write, direct and star) in the big screen adaptation of Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”.

Once again, congratulations to Lide W., winner of the Narnia prop contest!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. says


    The HG Well’s War of the Worlds airing on SciFi is a direct to video release that came out last summer attempting to cash in on the Tom Cruse movie. Not really a bid deal.

    What is coming up on SciFi in March is Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, which is the US name for Ring of the Nibelungs, a German produced English Language miniseries co-written by Diane Duane and Peter Moorwood (who will be guests at CopperCon this year). Details on the movie can be found at

    Lee Whiteside

  2. Steve says


    Love the show. Listening from Brisbane, Australia.

    My favorite Draco Vista productions have been Wingin It 25 where you guys got really shit-faced (Australian for drunk) and the last Wingin It of 2005 where Summer kicked butt (no Evo may have helped). That was a cool show – even with Summer’s slurred speech – Summer needs a more active role in the show (we are starting to see that).

    The last Slice though was not up to scratch, it was not that Evo was not there (having a break from Evo is occasionally a good thing :-)). There seemed to be a bit too much senseless dialogue between Summer and Michael. Yes all movies are bad Michael but get over it, listening to how bad YOU think it is for 2 minutes really made for ordinary podcasting.



  3. says

    Oh my God, was that SciFi War of the Worlds movie bad! Words just can’t describe just how bad it really was.

    It “looked” like it was filmed in the late 50’s early 60’s. But it’s a 2005 film.

    I can’t believe that this movie was ever released into the wild. The director should be shot and put out of his misery! Or at least anyone watching it. :shiver: