Slice of SciFi #36: Scifi TV and Movie Chat

Free EnterpriseThis week, Michael, Summer and Joe talk mostly movies, plus the usual chat about new TV and movie news!

News Bytes:

  • ABC’s Night Stalker: The Show That Won’t Go Away
  • William Shatner is ready to board Free Enterprise 2
  • Witchblade: The Bad Bitch is Back!

Movie Talk: The writer, director and cast are all on board for Fantastic Four 2. This is a good thing.

SciFi Trivia: This week, we have 3 trivia clips submitted by Doug Kress, and a fun time was had by all.

TV Talk: Scott Peters, co-creator of The 4400, has been commissioned by Touchstone to develop a scifi script for FOX Television. The working title is Revision, and the premise is about a man who is able to time travel into the past in order to prevent future disasterous events from occurring.

Listener Responses: Voicemail comments lead to discussions about Babylon 5, military ranks in SF shows, Andromeda, Narnia

What’s Coming Up?: Odyssey 5 coming out on DVD in Spring 2006

Links and Other Topics: Weekly Anime Review podcast, Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir, Alternate Teen Music podcast, a little chat about Aeon Flux

See you in a week with fresh, new content!

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  1. says

    Great show! I can’t believe Michael and Joe hadn’t heard of “7 Days.” It was on right before Star Trek Voyager on wednesday nights back in the day, and yes it’s still on spiketv.

  2. ignacio says

    Sci-Fi Wire have posted an exclusive preview of an extended scene from the upcoming DVD release of Joss Whedon’s science fiction space western movie Serenity.

    The scene features a bit more of Shepherd Book (Ron Glass). It’s one of the features on the the upcoming DVD, which also includes commentary from writer/director Whedon; other deleted scenes and outtakes; the featurettes Future History: The Story of Earth That Was, What’s in a Firefly and Re-Lighting the Firefly; an introduction by Whedon; and more.

  3. TallGrrl says

    Saw the pilot and first 1 episode during a Showtime free preview. Unfortunately, I don’t have Showtime (or HBO, dammit) so I never got to see any following episodes. I thought the pilot was really good and was sad to hear that it got canceled.
    Glad to see that it’s coming out on DVD. Now I can Netflix that bad boy!!

  4. TallGrrl says

    Oh, and WITCHBLADE?
    That so completely rocks that I can’t stand it.
    I hope rehab was successful for Yancy.
    It’s been, what, 4 years since that show went away?
    Knowing how “Hollywood” works, they might think she’s now “too old” to play the part.

  5. Stonemonkey says

    I think the show that ran with Time Trax and B-5, was Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. All great shows.

  6. Chris in Hawaii says

    I can think of a superhero movie that didn’t deal with the character’s origins at all. It’s called The Incredibles and is easily one of if not THE best superhero movie made.


    Send Evo back to the Skull Island he loves so much! We’ll send him beer.