Slice of SciFi #31: TV Distribution Streams

This week, Michael, Evo and the Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas kick around TV news.

News Bytes:

  • Rockne O’Bannon creates a new Cult designed with the fan community in mind
  • Sci Fact: bipedal molecules
  • Charlotte Church joins Torchwood cast

Movie Talk: Will Serenity generate the numbers needed for Universal to greenlight a sequel?

TV Talk:

  • The Horror Channel makes it’s debut on Dish Network
  • Brannon Braga outlines his 3-year plan for CBS’ Threshold

What’s On Out There? Jason Connery plays the lead character in a new SciFi Channel movie, Lightspeed, where a government agent discovers he can run at the speed of light after a radioactive encounter

Other Topics: Voicemail from Mark from Memphis and many others… keep ’em coming!

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  1. says

    Good show. :)

    Mary Poppins was a good movie, but it was over-Hollywood-ified. I felt there was some secrect connection between Poppins and the bag lady (bird woman?) that should have been explored, but wasn’t.

    The next time you want to talk about Doctor Who or British broadcasting in general, please get someone British on the show and talk to them first. Your collective knowledge of things British is even worse than mine.

  2. PhilB says

    Hello, Englishman here.

    A Television’s a “Telly”
    A Telephone’s a “Phone”.

    The TV Tax is called the License Fee, and is compulsory for anyone with a TV receiver (even a PC with TV card). You need one per address (not per set). It pays for the BBC, who produce Dr Who amongst other things. Other channels are paid for by advertising or additional subscription.

    Tally ho,


  3. Nina says

    Btw. that’s the same for us here in Germany. We also have those license fees.

    Unfortunately however, we don’t have any good scifi shows. And have to wait ages, before we get the good shows on TV (no BSG yet, no Dr. Who, and for SG were more than a year or so behind…)

    … but we have lots of good beers ๐Ÿ˜‰