Slice of SciFi #28: Zombies, and Dresden Files

On This Week’s Show: A new show format!

This week, we introduce a new show format for Slice of SciFi, so ride along with us as we work out the new kinks.

News Bytes:

  • New Slice Format
  • SCI-FI to SCI-FACT: The New Cyber Knife
  • The Rock thinks DOOM doesn’t need PG-13

Movie Talk: Serenity DVD Release, and the Winter Holiday party plans that will create

TV Talk: SciFi Channel taps big name movie talent to bring new projects to the small screen — Nicholas Cage, Gale Anne Hurd, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Frank Darabont, Ridley Scott, Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin, plus Hans Beimler and Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

What’s On Out There? Uncut Dead on Big Screen for One Night — The unrated Director’s Cut of George Romero’s zombie movie “Land of the Dead” will be shown in theaters for ONE NIGHT ONLY on October 17th, just 5 days from this show. Hosted by Fangoria Entertainment and Universal Studios Home Entertainment, the film will be seen all across the United States in Regal, Untied Artists and Edwards owned movie theaters.

Other Topics: Voicemails and emails… send us more!

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  1. says

    Great show guys, love the new format! The discussion on the news items is much better, than just the plain reading.

    BTW Serenity is last in the movie ratings here! :( Australians have no tatse!

  2. Lou Sytsma says

    Catch Serenity quick its dropping like a rock in North America.

    BTW general rule of thumb for movies is a 50% decline in BO from first to second week. Any thing under that points to a movie with legs.

    Sadly Serenity has had its legs amputated.

  3. Eric says

    Great new format, just wanted to comment on Romero’s Dead films. Land of the Dead was actually released in theaters (just not too many people went to see it, sadly), so it´s not direct-to-DVD. What makes Romero’s films more interesting than the usual zombie flick is the social commentary he makes in between blowing zombies’ heads off (e.g. consumerism in Dawn of the Dead). Land features Dennis Hopper as the leader of an elite in a walled-in city, using common folks as dispossessed workers and cannon fodder to fight the zombies, until greed of course makes things go horribly wrong when the zombie outcasts revolt.
    So I guess in showing the breakdown of society it has a lot in common with more apocalyptic SF, well worth checking out.
    all the way down in Rio de Janeiro

  4. says

    I was going to point that out too, Eric.

    @ Lou, I know :( but…if the total number includes DVD sales and stuff, well then we will no doubt have a sequel.

  5. Shane says

    Thanks, Eric! That’s what I came online to post!! Mike and Evo, you guys need to be a little more informed! Romero was the king of the zombie films and basically started the trend with Night of the Living Dead in 1968. He then made Dawn of the Dead in the 70s, Day of the Dead in the 90s and recently Land of the Dead. He’s only made 4 and they set the bar for other zombie films, none really as good. As Eric stated, Land was released in theatres. It was released with an R rating, promising the fans they’d get the unrated cut on the DVD release.

  6. Dan says

    Did some quick research and it looks like the first Harry Dresden book came out in 2000 so it could be (the name only I mean) a rip-off of Harry Potter. I also see that James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) does the narration for the audio books. Any idea if he might be starring in the movie?

  7. says

    Eric is correct. However, when it had its original theatrical release it was pulled so quickly off the movie circuit that very few saw or even heard of it. That is why I didn’t pass this info on to Evo and Mike for discussion. I believe they too were already aware of this and for the same reasons as stated above, didn’t bother to mention it on the air. Their main rant concerned the reason why zoombie movies keep living on even though the novelty has worn off since Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead” back in the 60’s.

  8. says

    The Harry Dresden stories sound a lot like an HBO original movie “Cast A Deadly Spell” starring Fred Ward (Remo Williams).

    He played one Harry Philip Lovecraft, a PI who doesn’t use magic in a 1940s world where magic use is as common as cellphone use to us now.

    Pretty entertaining movie, actually. I liked the mystery angle, and I thought it was funny when the same kinda plot twist was used in the Angel episode “Guise Will Be Guise”.

    Plus I just found out that Jim Butcher wrote the cover blurb for “Urban Shaman”, a kick-ass book that I liked (and who’s author is interviewed in this week’s Cover to Cover).

    So yeah, I’ll be checking those books out.

  9. says

    Jim Butcher’s character Harry Dresden’s full name is actually Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, and he was in fact named after multiple famous magicians. I think you will really like the books. I actually found “Urban Shaman” from a link off of his site
    There is also a review of his most recent Harry Dresden book (“Dead Beat”) on my show Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else. It was in episode #3 back in July of this year.

  10. Eric says

    Point taken Sam. Still, I got the feeling they were implying “Land” was probably mediocre, since it was going direct to dvd. And I feel that a studio releasing a crappy film direct-to-dvd is a bit different from botching the release af an ok (though not brilliant) movie. “Land” may not have been as good as “Night” or “Dawn”, but it deserved better exposure than most flicks this summer.