Slice of SciFi #27: An All-Serenity Chat Fest

On This Week’s Show: An All-Serenity Chat Fest!

This week, the studio’s full of guests who join in to chat Serenity. Be forewarned: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, well, what are you waiting for!?

The News This Week:

  • WB casting for Luna Lovegood
  • Kill Switch brings horror back to TV
  • SciFi Channel has highest summer ratings ever for cable
  • Renee Zellwegger tapped for The Eye remake
  • The 4400 renewed for 3rd season
  • Uncle Sam’s SciFi TV Rant
  • Lance Henrikson trying for Millenium feature film
  • Buffy, The Rock, and Seann William Scott teaming up for Southland Tales

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  1. says

    Ok , I have figures again from UIP in Australia… here is how its been doing all week…

    As you can see, the film has slipped a few spots in the overall top ten:

    CINDERELLA MAN $2,061,706
    WALLACE AND GROMIT $2,061,706
    CHARLIE $1,922,884
    DUKES OF HAZZARD $1,684,657
    DEUCE BIGALOW $1,552,147
    SKY HIGH $1,528,750
    SHARK BOY/LAVA GIRL $1,527,476
    SERENITY $1,489,797
    TRANSPORTER 2 $1,014,967

    It’s important to note, however, that Serenity still maintains the highest per screen average of any film in the top ten.

    The real test for the film’s success comes this weekend when it faces its second weekend in release. Naturally we’re hoping that with good word of mouth and those strong per-screens the film will climb the ranks.

    Remember to tell all your friends and family to tell all their friends and family to see the BDM. This weekend could be break-point for the franchise so we trust you’ll twist every arm out there!… UIP Australia.

    Alls I can say if you are in Australia go see it again…!!

  2. Jimbo_the_Elder says

    Re: Serenity vs. StarWars Comments
    I became enthrawled with Sci-Fi in 1966 upon finding “Caves of Steel” by Issac Asimov in my High School’s Library. Skip forward, after reading everything Sci-Fi for 11 Years; and loving the Star Trek TV-Series [1966-1969]. Star Wars comes out in 1977 and I go see it, and see it, and see it! 3 times in one night (and I’m even a semi-functional human being at this point having been married for 2 years by then). For it’s time, it was THE most original & realistic (from a Sci-Fi perspective) movie of its time. Skip forward 25 years (2002).

    Firefly, for IT’s time, THE most original & realistic (again, from a current Sci-Fi perspective) TV show. And now SERENITY, THE most original & realistic (from the Sci-Fi perspective) movie of its time. I go see it, and see it, and see it! Too old to do it in one night however (but I’m still a semi-functional human being at this point having been married for 30 years by now – same spouse). SERENITY satisfies the fan-base and (it should) satisfy anyone into Sci-Fi or action movies in general.

    I’m afraid I can’t make a direct comparison between the two because of the time involved, but each had the SAME EFFECT on me; at THIS time (2005) SERENITY RULES!! THIS IS THE BEST SCI-FI MOVIE TO DATE!!!

  3. Richard J Foster says

    Hi guys…

    You were unsure about CBBC. CBBC = Children’s BBC. I have no ideas what times ir runs now (having outgrown it many years ago), but it used to be on every weekday afternoon.

    Unlike most U.S. based kids programming, the “educational” aspect of the programs even includes current affairs. Newsround is a news program containing both the significant items of the day (it was where I first learned of the Challenger disaster), and items of greater interest to younger viewers.

    In the unlikely event that you want more info, check the Wikipedia entry –

  4. Chris says

    Just wanted to comment on your discussion of the “blockbuster status” of Serenity. Sorry, it’s not. The box office has been dissapointing. It was not the #1 movie on the weekend it was released (finishing behind a movie that had been out for a week). It was down to #7 or #8 the second week. I was out of town the weekend it opened so didn’t get to see it until this past Saturday. It’s only playing in one of the tiny side auditoriums at my local multiplex. There were probably only 20-30 other people in the theater with me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the movie. It’s the best I’ve seen this year. My wife, who hates sci-fi, also loved it. I really want it to make enough money for a sequel. But it will be gone from the theaters in another couple of weeks. If there is a sequel it will be because the DVD sales are huge.

    Personally, I don’t understand the lack of box office. I think the late Sep. release really hurt it. This should have been a summer movie. Even with the increased competition, it would have done better. It’s a shame. Because it really is so much better than everything that came out this summer.

  5. says

    Guys, I’m really sorry I have to say this, but I think I understand why Fox canceled the show. It sure wasn’t because it was poorly written or anything like that. The special effects were as good as BSG, the stories were fantastic, etc…

    However, after seeing the movie last Friday night (10/7), I have to say that it must have been due to a total lack of interest. This was only the second week the movie was out, and there were a whopping 30 people watching the movie. It was a 10pm showing, but still, there should have been way more than 30 or so.

    If the attendance keeps that kind of pace, I would expect the movie to be taken out of that theater within a couple more weeks. I can’t see a theater wasting the seats on a movie that just isn’t drawing the crowds. Now there may be a contractual obligation that forces the theater to show the movie for a specific number of weeks, but if not…

    I’m really sad. I really loved the TV series, and loved the movie, even if Wash was killed. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  6. AmazonGrrl says

    Fox completely mishandled Firefly.
    The didn’t air the pilot first. In fact, they didn’t air most of the episodes in the order meant.
    They also debuted the show during the Major League Baseball World Series.
    The show was canceled some night, on at different times some nights, and on different nights from one week to the next.
    People weren’t allowed to “find” the show.
    The audience numbers needed to make the advertisers happy didn’t happen.
    Fox finally yanked the show.
    But not before they showed the Pilot…as a “2 hour Firefly Special”.
    Go figure.
    I don’t think it’ll be back on the air, but I’m sure that if the DVD sales warrant it, there will be at least one sequel.

  7. says

    Dear Michael and Evo:

    In replying to your recent Podcast dealing with the viewing of Joss Weadon’s ‘Sereinity’. I would love to see it. But see… I got Screwed, because the theater in the town that I live in only showed the film for only a week… I wanted to see it. I was so desperate to see the film and not being able to see any of the advanced screenings… I read the book… before the release date.

    Now I got a lot of the gags and the drama from it but there are things you must see on screen to fully appreciate it. Trust me when you are up till 1 a.m. reading the book and drooling to see the movie and the theater showing it screws you over… only airing it a week after the release date…

    Huh choo-shung tza-jiao duh tzang-huo!

    And you want to beat the Gorrum out of them.

    If you can translate that madiern saying, you know how I feel…

    Oh, and the release date for the Serenity DVD is rumored to be around late December or early Janurary. With the Director’s cut coming out in roughly around March.

    Sorry about the rant… But I wanted to see this film five times…

    Now excuse me, I now have to shove a cattle prod up a certain Ori Prior’s number two for leaving my other great love in a cliffhanger.

    Long live Joss…

    Shannon Hearn