Slice of SciFi #26: Interview with Walter Koenig (“Star Trek”, “Babylon 5″)

This week, we chat with Walter Koenig, who first established himself in the hearts of scifi fans as Chekov, then reinvented himself 30 years later as Psi-Cop Bester in Babylon 5.

The News This Week:

  • No More Screams for Neve
  • Cast Picked for Hunter’s Moon
  • Sci-Fact: Face/Off transplant possible
  • Chronicles of Narnia World Premiere at Royal Albert Hall
  • New “Star Wars Essential Guide to Droids” coming June 2006
  • Box Office Notes: Flightplan: success; Just Like Heaven: not so much; St George and the Dragon being written by Pulitzer Prize winner

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

See you in a week with fresh, new content!


  1. says

    Loved the show. Summer you did a great job on the Narnia story, thanks Evo for keeping Mike away from it (LOL).
    The best part was the interview with Walter. I really enjoyed that. He is such a real pro and the genuine article. I am so looking forward to his performance on the upcoming STAR TREK: New Voyages release.

  2. Mark in Memphis says

    I apologize gentlemen and Summer about reporting that your Cover-to-Cover number was down. It was a mistake in the number I had in my cell phone. I have been unable to find the number to correct it in my phone.

    I LOVE podcasts. I am subscribed to about 70 (down from 85 when I lost my library after upgrading to iTunes 5.0). At the moment, I have 11.6 DAYS of podcast content.

    And, like my tastes in other things, it is an eclectic mix (sci-if, tech, news, sports, movies, literature, quiz/trivia shows, etc.). Some examples are:
    The Dragon Page Mondo feed (which is about the first thing I check every day)
    The Signal
    Sci-Fi Dig
    Sci-Fi Talk
    Cinecast (which just did a Serinity review)
    Ebert & Roper
    Statler & Waldorf
    DVD Weekly
    Various and Sundry DVDs
    DVD Talk Radio
    NPR: 7AM EST News Summary
    NPR: Story of the Day
    One for the Thumb – a Steelers Podcast
    MLB Radio Daily
    ESPN Radio
    Escape Pod
    Geek News Central
    This Week in Tech (TWIT)
    Jimmy Jett (a podcast about nothing – why didn’t I get there first…)
    Pod Finder
    Pod Screen Test
    etc. …

    I keep up on about a third of them and am catching up on the rest in between.

  3. says

    Just saw Serenity and well its totally SAD and great all in one! So when are you guys going to release the unbleeped review of it!???

    How about something different , an interactive review, where we can have a interactive chat room with skype or something where we all al throw our 2 cents in and you guys comment as well? that would be cool!

  4. Eric says

    Just a note about the comments on the royal family: Queen Elizabeth is a big Dr. Who fan, she apparently took the dvd box set with her on vacation in Scotland!
    Also, she has an iPod, so you never know who might be listening…

  5. Mark A says

    Hmm… the droid guide includes the rather ancient Hunter-Killer series? To what ext- Hey! What the-*ZAP*

    “Saluation: Greetings, Meatbags! This is HK-47, and I was able to access this archaic means of communication (what, no holonet?) to express my opinion of this by subduing this poor meatbag here with an Aratech 100 series sonic rifle.”

    *HACK* You…damn assassin droid! Try to kill me, will you?

    “Objection: It was not my immediate goal to exterminate you so quickly, but rather to merely subdue you so you would not be in the way.”

    I don’t call potentially lethal sound waves ‘merely’!

    “Threat: Although the master may not like it, I can rectify this problem, permanently.”

    Try it and you’re spare parts, tin can!

    …uh, gotta run. Homicidal droid, you know. Loved the show. PS: Watching Firefly, and love it! Liked the bleeped comments.