Slice of SciFi #24: CopperCon Chat, Serenity Contest

On This Week’s Show: CopperCon Chat, and Serenity Contest!

Michael, Evo, Summer, Joe, Tee Morris, and Kade Hutchinson: all in studio, and all definitely misbehaving.

Attention Phoenix and Tucson listeners: There’s a contest to win a pass for two to see a screening of Serenity! Listen to the 5 Firefly questions, and email the answers to Summer along with which city you will attend the screening in, and if your answers are correct, you and a friend can see Serenity 2 days early!

The News This Week:

  • Sci-Fi Channel asks “What If?”
  • A Pimple-faced Bond?
  • “Children of Men” goes celluloid
  • Ghost House Pictures Gets “30 Days of Nights”
  • Around Hollywood in a Minute
  • New Fan Film STAR TREK: Andromeda

Other Topics:

  • CopperCon Summary: Podcasters, Fans and Body Painting
  • Kade ratchets up the kilt envy previously rampant in the studio
  • more fascination with body painting
  • Voicemail

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

See you in a week with fresh, new content!


  1. A BLEEPing Listener says

    BLEEP! BLEEEP!? Couldn’t ya have at least played some music or something? I feel like I’m listening to an emergency broadcast signal or something!

    Fake Password? Argh!

  2. manosdvd says

    Love the show, need a spoilerific version though… The discussion sounds pretty interesting, I’d love to hear the discussion without it sounding like a network broadcast of Die Hard. Any chance?

  3. David Richins says

    If I had listened to the end of the show, I would have known that the unedited version will be aired when the movie is released… gotsta pay more attention! Anyway, good podcasting.

  4. Kari says

    As one of the maybe…oh…TWO…people on the face of this planet who haven’t seen the movie…THANK YOU for bleeping!

    Much love.

  5. says

    Kari, agreed. I listened to the bleeping for like a minute or two and then fast forwarded it. Even though they bleep out stuff, clues and small stuff can be said ๐Ÿ˜›

    Great show, btw!

  6. Grant Burton says

    Ok show… but whats with all the bleeping.. why not save what you guys talked about till the opening week or two, THEN play it! Otherwise you are just wasting peoples time listening to bleeeep all the time…

  7. gunni grahn says

    This is ANOYING! your show is great but why on earth talk about serenity when you cant talk about it!? it reduces you to amateurs to make stuff that goes BLEEEEEEEEP for 20 minutes! its absolutely useless. its a showkiller – sad sad

  8. Randy R. says

    I thought the bleeping was pretty funny. When Evo gave out the ‘Secret Word’ in the middle of it, I almost drove off of the road laughing.

  9. says

    Blame Evo for this one. It was all his idea.

    I’m at fault for putting the whole segment up with the bleeps, but It was shorter than the last one we did for Ep III.

    Regardless, the un-bleeped version of this will go out on the day Serenity releases.

    (Make sure you do not listen to it until you have seen the movie. We really do tell all, and some of the really cool surprises will be spoiled.)

    This is kinda why we do this. To get you prepared for what your in for.

  10. says

    What I didn’t care for with the spoiler segment was hunting for the fake password in the middle of it. Ever since the panel at the San Diego Comic Con in ’04, I’ve been trying to avoid everything — trailers and commercials — to keep the whole movie a new experience. Even when trying to talk around spoilers, it’s very easy to let things slip. Having to skip through that discussion to dig up the “password” wasn’t fun at all.

  11. BleepHater says

    Ok, I’m going to drive over to Evo’s house and setup a huge speaker playing a test pattern for the next week!

  12. says

    I take full credit for this episode. I am a sadistic bastard, and find this incredibly funny. A few others did to, it seems.

    The good news is that there isn’t a spoiler-ific movie on the horizon we’re going to get a chance to see well in advance of the rest of you, so you’re safe.

    For now… >:->