Slice of SciFi #21: Interview with Joseph and Karen Kerezman (“Star Trek: Excalibur”)

On This Week’s Show: Joseph and Karen Kerezman, from the production staff of the fan film project Star Trek: Excalibur

The News This Week:

  • Fan film project Star Trek: Constellation puts out the call for production assistance
  • Fan film project Star Trek: Mystery Area now filming the first of many episodes in Germany
  • WB delays release of V for Vendetta, denying rumors that the delay is because of the movie’s content
  • Terminator 2 lawsuit given the OK to proceed to court, Fighting over who owns Xena puts movie projects on hold
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo joins cast of X-Men 3, Malkovich joins voice cast of Beowulf
  • A Travel E-Zine dedicated to SciFi Fans!

Other Topics:

  • Mike talks about Stargate: Atlantis
  • It’s a Buckaroo Banzai thing…
  • Nuketown RadioActive’s Galactica soundtrack
  • We’ve Got Email! — Colleen drank a Warp Core Breach
  • Firefly fan film project Mosquito and more at Dragon*Con

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  1. Richard J Foster says

    Thanks a bunch guys….

    One of your listeners asked about a novelty Star-Trek inspired song. It isn’t the one he was asking about, but I’ve now got the infamous “Star Trekkin” by “The Firm” wafting around in my head.

    If you’ve never heard it, you may be able to find it online… but I don’t recommend it. :-)

  2. Randy R. says

    I do not know if anyone has sent this information in yet, but Dr. Demento has a CD called ‘Hits from Outer Space’ and on this CD is a song called ‘Beam Me Up, Scotty’ by Terry Mcgovern. I just looked and there is a copy of it on ebay right now. I bet you could find it on amazon or some other online shopping place also.

  3. Magess says

    We have an LD player too! Only one star wars movie though. I think we have the first one.

  4. Magess says

    *cough* 3, boys, you have at least three. I’d think you’d be used to me by now. ๐Ÿ˜›