Slice of SciFi #13: Interview with Jack Marshall (Producer, “Star Trek: New Voyages”)

On This Week’s Show: Jack Marshall, Star Trek: New Voyages Executive Producer and Series Director.

Other Topics:

  • Rumors abound about the TV adaptation of Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency, the tv pilot that vanished into the night, and the new life it’s found on the internet, possibly breathing new life into finding a broadcast home for the show.

The News This Week:

  • Star Trek: Excalibur to begin filming in November 2005
  • Romero’s UNDEAD leads the pack of zombies coming to summer screens
  • ST:TNG’s Jonathan Frakes directs Noah Wyle in the next Librarian adventure for TNT
  • David Goyer’s psyched about his new CBS series, THRESHOLD
  • reciting a pledge for the United Federation of Planets gets a child suspended from school. Should we let the school know how disappointed we are in their drive to crush imagination and creativity? [link courtesy BoingBoing]

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