Slice of SciFi #12: Trek to the Troops

On This Week’s Show: Chris Mulrooney, co-founder of Trek to the Troops AFE Tour joins us to talk about the project, and who’s signed on so far.

Other Topics:

  • Michael discusses the “Doctor Who” episodes he recently watched, and the new US fans they’ve created.

The News This Week:

  • Bill Gates goes Hollywood, and learns in the process
  • Batman’s ready to begin again; a sequel is being set up
  • Miyazaki’s next project, Howl’s Moving Castle, comes to theaters
  • Comedian Billy Connolly to play a pet zombie named Fido
  • George Lucas receives the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award
  • upcoming movies: Ultraviolet, A Sound of Thunder, King Kong
  • death of a project: Watchmen no more

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