Slice of SciFi #10: Interview with Brian Matthews of “Stone Trek”

On This Week’s Show:
Brian Matthews joins us to talk about Stone Trek. The super fun, flash animation movies are a great time waster. You’ll be roaring with laughter in no time. Be sure to watch for the Red-Shirt in each episode. It may be someone you know.

Other Topics:
Two Doctor Who reports this week.
First up is or own Jay Hinkelman telling us about the controversy around the shows. Then we hear from a fan in Germany who would like to get his two cents in. Chris Spliss tells us why he likes the show.

New Feature this week.
Our news director Sam is here to tell us about Science Fiction that is becoming Science Fact. Some amazing stories that you have got to hear to believe.

The News This Week:

  • Two Star Wars Geeks try to blow themselves up.
  • New Sin City Movie in the works.
  • CBS is passing on Jeri Ryan and going with Brent Spiner. (OK… Who else thinks this is dumb?)
  • Star Wars is coming to TV – more details on how and why.

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