Slice of SciFi #09: Interview with Renowned SF/F Artist Dave Dorman

On This Week’s Show: Dave Dorman is an amazing scifi/fantasy artist. You can check out his work on his personal website. You can also take a peek at Wasted Lands for even more amazing stuff from Dave. It’s a great interview where we talk about EP III, work that Dave has done for it, and other Star Wars projects coming up.

Other Topics:
Lots of comments from the new Star Wars movie. People in line, people in the theater, and more. We wrap up the week in style.

The News This Week:

  • New Scifi awards are announced.
  • Geeky Tech Legal News.
  • Spike TV is bringing Blade to the small screen. (Less Snipes)
  • Outlander – a new movie coming soon.
  • Lots of new movies on the way, we tell you more.
  • Network TV and Scifi shows coming soon. (Get ready to program your TiVo, it’s gonna be a busy next season.)

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