Slice of SciFi #08: Interview with Shane Felux, Producer for “Star Wars: Revelations”

On This Week’s Show: Shane Felux has produced Star Wars: Revelations. A Fan film that cost him over 20 Grand from his own pockets! (Yeah, this guy is dedicated to the craft.) But this is no ordinary fan film, this movie rivals Hollywood in some respects. (Some, not all) Click on the link and take a look, then listen to a great interview.

Other Topics:
Jay Hinkelman gives us another Dr. Who installment.

The News This Week:

  • More Doctor Who News: Casting call has been put out.
  • Battlestar is back for more, but we have to wait a while.
  • Star Trek’s last episode, “Sucked!”
  • Farscape raised enough for a magazine ad.
  • Serenity gets a comic book treatment.

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